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Video captures ATV rider crashing into his own car

Sometimes, you just don’t have the luck of the draw. There are days that you will stumble your way through, eventually finding one thing or another that might make you wish that maybe you hadn’t woken up and rolled out of bed in the morning but instead stayed asleep until tomorrow. For this individual, it would appear as if that was exactly the case as he was riding along on his ATV, minding his own business, when suddenly an innocent maneuver with end up putting him in a really bad spot. The result would be a ton of damage to his very own car that looks to be pretty darn new to us.

Thanks to security footage from a nearby camera, we’re able to peek in on the situation as the ATV rider maneuvers his way around in what looks to be a business park. It would appear as if he’s getting ready to get off of the machine, when all of a sudden, ends up accidentally twisting the throttle, sending the ATV into a frenzy, as it stands up on the rear wheels and hurls itself into the side of the Ford Mustang where it does a good amount of damage that we don’t even want to know what it’s going to cost to fix. Long story short, it’s probably going to put a pretty big dent in the poor guy’s wallet.

If you follow along down the video below, you’ll be able to see the situation for yourself and probably feel little bit better about how your day is going. At the end of it all, at least you didn’t end up plowing a four-wheeler into the side of your car today… Unless you did, in which case, this video might make you feel not so alone in your foolery.