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Video Captures Scariest Moments of World’s Deadliest Race

No matter which facet of motorsport we’re taking a look at, it seems like as the ranks are climbed, drivers will be exposed to vehicles that simply gets faster and faster. As the speed begins to become more substantial, obviously, the risk associated with competition is going to start growing exponentially.

This is why professional motorsports are so exciting. How could somebody who claims to be a fan of speed look at the risk that these guys are taking and not appreciate what it is that they’re doing out there? One wrong maneuver and it could spell out serious injury or potentially even death. With that extra added layer of what’s at stake, eyeballs are glued to the action in a way that’s incomparable to other forms of competition.

On two wheels, the Isle of Man TT is an event that is known by some as the world’s deadliest race. For anyone who has ever seen the competition, they can attest to the fact that it is certainly nothing short of a whirlwind of intensity. In fact, “intensity” might not even begin to be able to describe the conditions in such a race.

Perhaps the statistics that go alongside what happens around every corner in such a competition will allow those who can’t really grasp it to be able to paint their own picture. While keeping balance on two wheels, all of this is going down on just short of 40 miles of public roads that are shut down and feature the likes of 264 corners to carve. Within these tightly packed areas with fans lining the streets, the motorcycle riders featured will do speeds that approach and sometimes reach out to touch 200 mph. It doesn’t take any sort of expert to see how exactly this could be an adrenaline rush that might reach a tipping point of some dangerous sort.

By following along with the video below, we check out a gamut of close calls that really had to have the stomachs of these riders and those in attendance turning upside down. When getting wobbly at speeds that are that magnificent, an intensity has to come over these people that is unlike any experience in any other corner of life. Luckily, in this one, all of the riders did make it out without going down. However, some of them got incredibly close to something a lot worse.

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