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Video Counts Every Single Fast and the Furious Gear Shift in the Whole Series

When it comes to the movies of the gearhead variety, we as enthusiasts like to pick and choose those that most accurately represent what we’re going through as car guys and girls. Now, obviously, the most popular automotive movie series to ever come out would be the Fast and Furious franchise, however, they seem to be the ones that we really love to poke fun at as well as the series really takes the concept of driving and exaggerates it to the max. Perhaps, that’s what makes them so fun to be a part of catching in the theater on opening day.

I think it goes without saying that there are definitely a whole collection of different concepts that they take the creative liberty of every exaggerating. However, one that’s fun to pick apart would be that of the way that they choose to portray how cars are shifted. Many times, you might even see a car that has double the gears that it would normally have as it participates in an adrenaline bending action sequence. I guess that, in the world of movie magic, sometimes, yes they do juice things up a little bit to keep your attention and make everything look a little bit more dramatic so that it’s fun to consume.

In the video below, it seems like Netflix took the liberty of picking apart this concept, taking the time to showcase and document every single up-close shift shot that has ever happened in a Fast and Furious movie. They even have a counter rolling so that we can see how many shifts have happened over the course of all of the movies. Let’s just say that it ends up getting pretty high, to say the least. We have to say that being able to relive these shifts definitely is pretty nostalgic as you begin to remember all of the Furious movies that you have seen over the years.

Fast and Furious | Gear Shifts | Netflix

Did not expect to be so hyped after watching this

Posted by Netflix on Tuesday, July 10, 2018


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