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Video Demo Shows Dramatic Difference Between Summer, Winter, All-Season Tires on Hockey Rink

One of those markets that has lots of choices that you might not be able to always decipher between is the tire market. Whether you’re taking a performance tire or a regular driving tire, there might seem to be countless options that you could opt to go with. Some of them might be better for certain weather conditions and others might be better for hitting the track, or at least they are advertised as such. However, when it comes down to selecting a street tire that is an all-season, Summer, or winter variety of tire, what should you choose?

Is it safe to run a summer tire in the winter or vice versa? Would selecting an all-season guarantee that you can drive in any weather? Well, this time, we check out a little demonstration that takes on just that question and the results delivered here are pretty astonishing, to say the least. We head to the ice to find out how each of these tires will perform in a wintry scenario. First of all, as you might imagine, the summer tire almost has no merit, providing a win in pretty much no category at all. When you slide over to the all-season tire, they describe it as a jack of all trades but not an expert in any of them. Furthermore, when the winter tire is put on display, well, you really have to see the results to believe them!

Follow along down in the video below that takes you for this ride that shows you exactly how all of these tires perform in contrast to one another in this tough situation. When it comes to deciding which is the best for winter weather, I think that this video can really shed a lot of light on what tire you want to go with. However, when it comes to which one will be able to get down and dirty in the summer, that is yet to be seen. I guess that’s just the topic for another test.


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