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VIDEO: Heckler Provokes Tony Stewart Into Punching Him in the Face

If there’s one thing to remember about celebrities and athletes, it’s that they’re human beings just like you and I. Sure, they do act a little bit more politically correct than most people. After all, for most of them, their paychecks and sponsorships really depend on it. Because of this and their constant media attention, we can forget that these people have their own unique thoughts and emotions as well.

If there is one celebrity who is certainly full of personality, it would be for NASCAR driver Tony Stewart. On the track, Stewart hasn’t been known for being the tamest of competitors. Instead, throughout his career, he has definitely been involved in his fair share of controversy. We would fill you in with the details but we’re sure that you have lots of things to do today.

In a most recent incident, Stewart fell to the cries of the heckler. If we’re being honest, nobody likes hecklers. These people basically make it their job to go out there and annoy those in the limelight. We see these sorts of people a lot of time in the show business world. Every once in a while, they stray outside to other communities as well.

A heckler will only be successful if they manage to shake their target’s focus. A lot of times, we might see a standup comedian completely grill one of these people and put them in their place. For most others, their best course of action is going to be to ignore the heckler or have security remove them. However, with Tony Stewart being, well, Tony Stewart, he took another course of action.

Apparently, whatever this fan had to say at the race track was simply too much for Stewart to just stand by and take. He hopped to action, running toward the fan and punching him in the face. There aren’t very many details surrounding why this happened. One thing for sure is that Tony certainly didn’t look happy. – TMZ