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Video Proves Why Using The Valet Is Not A Good Idea…

This is a great video to serve as a warning to anybody considering using a valet to park your ride. While we are well aware that not all valets do what you’re about to see in the video below. This car, a 2004 BMW 330i according to comments from the YouTuber who posted the video, has a dashcam that records not only what’s going on, but the car’s speed, giving the owner more than enough information to document this valet abusing his car in the short time he’s behind the wheel.

After pulling away from the valet stand, the hired driver pulls an aggressive lane change, then takes off and hits the 1-2 shift hard enough to chip the tires. Just a moment later, he takes off around a corner and seems to be trying to kick the rear end out, although he’s unable to do so. After returning to the car to retrieve it for the owner, the valet gets a phone call that sounds suspiciously like a drug deal going down, right there in the customer’s car. Although it’s just a conversation, it seems likely the valet at least had drugs in his possession at the time of the phone call. All in all, that’s several strikes against this driver and we hope by now the business that employs him has seen this and fired him.

We understand that valet’s have to do their job quickly and efficiently and even when they do so, they often get shafted on tips, which is how they make most of their money. However, you don’t get paid more to park the car quickly, at least not to the point of having to bang gears and slide around corners. We also understand that all it takes is a few bad incidents like this to ruin the reputation of all valets, and we don’t want to see that happen because, as we mentioned, we know that MOST valets do their jobs well. Hopefully guys like this will be weeded out and removed from the pool of valets so they can’t beat on anybody else’s car.

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