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Video Shows 54 Officer LAPD Street Racing Sting That Ended in 2 Arrests

This past weekend, undercover officers in the San Fernando Valley would set out on a sting operation, all with the aim of cracking down on street racing. The sting was sad to have come just days after a car flew through an intersection and into a local restaurant. The report doesn’t specify if the incident with the vehicle that ended up hitting the restaurant was street racing-related or not.

All in all, the effort involved a wide variety of manpower, 54 officers to be exact. Apparently, LA PD Valley traffic combined forces with the California highway patrol, all with the aim of impounding cars believed to be involved in dangerous activity.

Upon finding races, the officers would set out to attempt to make as many arrests as they could. Upon pulling over the first group of cars, a dozen of them to be exact, the officers say that they didn’t actually see any crime happening and because nobody admitted anything, drivers would be let go with nothing more than a warning.

However, it appears as if other parts of the operation were a little bit more successful as a total of 84 citations were written with 14 impounds accounted for and two arrests total. Response to the issue on social media seems to be relatively polarized. While some argue that police efforts should be focused on more serious crime, others have chimed in, saying that the penalties for those arrested should be more severe to prevent them from acting again.

Down in the video below, CBS Los Angeles has all of the details that showcase what the effort was able to accomplish during the sting. Those who have their cars impounded are said to lose their privileges from the vehicle for as much as 30 days which also comes with a misdemeanor and a fine.

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