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Video Shows All That Goes Into Making VP Racing Fuels Motorsport Containers

It’s pretty crazy how there’re certain things in life that can be so easily taken for granted. It might be because these objects are so simple that we forget about how useful they really are. However, sometimes it’s the simplicity that makes them a joy to be a part of our everyday lives. A perfect example of something like this is a fuel container. For anyone who is anything like your author here, you may have run across a fuel container or two that have been a hassle to use. If not, trust me when I tell you that there are certainly containers out there that you don’t want to have any parts of.

However, with a company like VP Fuels, they really go above and beyond, trudging through the extra mile to try and bring the best product that they possibly can to transport your liquids in. When thinking about all that these containers need to accomplish, like being safe while also managing to find a way to be user friendly, it circles back around to the simplicity of the design that the user doesn’t even have to think about while using said containers as they haul around potentially dangerous chemicals that can do plenty of harm if not handled correctly.

The video below takes the liberty of shuffling us inside of the facility where all of the magic happens. Behind closed doors, VP is constantly upgrading their product to try and offer the best motorsport containers on the market and it isn’t as simple of a process as one might think. Just a brief look inside would have just about anyone who was previously a layman on the topic a bit more appreciative of the time and energy investment that have gone into making those containers some of the favorites on the market.


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