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Video Shows Full Size Silverado Made Completely Out of LEGO Bricks

When someone wants to get creative or furthermore, is looking to promote a product, it can be rather surprising to see what lengths they will go to. On the heels of an effective marketing campaign, we get to see some pretty cool things that can be a lot of fun to feast the eyes on. That is exactly what we get to see here as apparently, both Chevrolet and LEGO were really gung-ho about a little bit of collaborative promotion. The result was certainly a lot of fun to watch and is quite the project to really soak in and think about as there would be tons of time, money, and effort invested into making this one come to life.

On the tail end of an effort to promote LEGO Movie 2, we’re able to see what 2,000 hours of work along with 334,554 LEGO pieces are able to accomplish. Standing at 6 feet tall and 20 feet long, when all is said and done, we feast our eyes on a full-sized Chevrolet Silverado, a truck that really pops to life with a bright red finish. This thing isn’t necessarily a lightweight, either. Just because it’s constructed out of the plastic bricks and not steel, one would think that it would be incredibly light but when all is said and done, the model tips the scales at 3307 pounds.

Whether or not folks are familiar with how LEGO sets generally come together, which I think most of us are, this custom build is certainly one that’s hard to fathom designing and pulling together. This whole process had to be quite overwhelming, even with the crew of 18 different experienced LEGO builders on hand, presenting a task that certainly had to take some vision to be able to accomplish. The result, though, is something that’s more than worth it.