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Video Shows Terrifying Moment Store Owner is Dragged While Trying to Stop Truck Thief

For every good person out there, unfortunately, it really feels like there is someone who is ready and willing to do something incredibly selfish to benefit nobody but themselves all while putting a dent in somebody else’s day or life in a bad way. This time, we check out a sketchy character, that has been identified as Cody Smith, as he goes above and beyond to put a couple extra dollars in his pocket all while doing something terrible to another person. It was just another day as this Dodge Dakota sat out front of a transmission repair shop, waiting for service, however, in just a couple of moments, this run-of-the-mill day would change drastically for the worse.

In this one, we watch closely as the sketchy character discovers the vehicle outside of the shop and decides that he wants it more than he’s afraid to go to jail. On security cameras, we watch the character approaches the vehicle and eventually gets in, driving away with it, or at least trying to as Tim Rodifer, the owner of Mr Transmission in Johnson City, Tennessee, attempts to chase him down, to get back to the vehicle with which his shop was supposed to be doing an honest day’s work to. It really sucks that this poor example of a human being is interfering not only with the owner of the truck but also with the shop who is putting their name on this machine that’s supposed to be coming out as pristine as when it rolled in.

Check out the video below as the manager on duty tries to do all that he can to retain possession of the truck, hopping on the side of it and appearing to try to turn it off as this thief attempts to run away with the vehicle, throwing the shop’s owner onto the ground and leaving him with injuries like some major bruising. Luckily, none of the injuries were life-threatening and the police now believe that they know who was behind this ordeal. Hopefully, it’ll be nothing more than a matter of time before he gets caught.


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