Video Shows the Complexity Behind Building a Unique Carbon Fiber Tube

One of the beautiful things about the automotive industry today is the development of ...

One of the beautiful things about the automotive industry today is the development of mass production.

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We are moving toward an era where more things are becoming more affordable for the masses. Sure, aftermarket parts still hold pretty high value. However, it’s becoming easier and easier for the competition to come into the market and build high-quality offerings. As far as the consumer goes, this means a better product at a lower price.

With that in mind, though, we have to say that there’s also an insane level of respect that we have for those who do things by hand. Sure, it’s great for enthusiasts to be able to get their hands on parts more affordably. However, when something is handcrafted, it adds a certain level of mystique to a build. There’s just something special and higher quality when a person or people really made sure that every last detail was perfect, going above and beyond.

This time, we get taken inside of the process that needs to come together in order to make a complex carbon fiber component. The particular unit in question this time is a tube with a couple of bends in it. It’s the type of tube that one might find on something like an air intake.

As we get to ride along with this one, we definitely get firsthand experience that shows there’s a reason why the stuff is so expensive. It isn’t just slapped together or cranked out by some machine. Instead, it takes lots of time, attention to detail, and a skilled hand in order to be able to bring it all together. Put the cherry on top with the knowledge learned over the years by the people behind these processes and it’s clear why the asking price is what it is.

Below, we get to watch the magic come to life with Easy Composites. If something so seemingly simple is so complex to create, just imagine the care and attention that it takes in order to create more complex parts. Imagine some of the cars that are made almost entirely out of carbon fiber and what it takes to make those come to life.

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