Video Shows Thieves Taking on Tesla’s “Sentry Mode” Security Cameras

In terms of the future of transportation, Tesla is evolving in a variety of different ...

In terms of the future of transportation, Tesla is evolving in a variety of different ways. Naturally, most know the brand for its tendency to create efficient and stylish electric vehicles. Some might even recognize that Tesla is pretty far along in the autonomous driving category.

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However, there is a lot of technology on board that people might not realize exists, in many cases. One form of this technology is known as “Sentry Mode” which essentially gives the owner of the vehicle a blanket of security just in case something goes wrong while parked.

For those considering a life of crime, avoiding Tesla’s vehicles might be in their best interest. With cameras all the way around these vehicles, criminals are going to be captured in high definition video. With that, we have seen a variety of interesting clips hit the web showcasing people who might not exactly realize that they are being captured on video when they’re up to no good.

This time, we tune in with Wham Baam Teslacam who has seemed to create a channel based entirely around onboard Tesla video. This time, we check in with some of the situations that have surrounded the security system onboard.

On a related note, Tesla even promises to offer its own insurance one day. The concept is that, with security like this, the instances of theft will be even lower. When combined with the ability for these cars to drive themselves more safely than with a user, insurance rates are sure to be rather promising.

For now, though, the video below takes us inside of a variety of different instances where criminals may be ended up in a spot with a little bit too much heat. Perhaps, this might even be a look into the future where every new car will be equipped with security cameras all the way around.

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