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What is Vinnie from American Chopper doing now? Meet His Wife and Kids

It’s kind of odd how reality television works. When you begin to watch a show and get into the groove of the storyline behind it, sometimes, you can really grow to identify with some of the people that you see on screen. Because of this, people who were just working away at their day job one day could be big reality stars the next. When they say that fame doesn’t really come overnight, well, it really seems like, with the internet and reality TV, that concept has the ability to change to the point where you can build a following pretty quickly and capitalize on all the traffic that comes with that following.

This time, the reality television star that we’re talking about is not other than Vinnie from American Chopper. As the show would have lots of twists and turns and provide a roller coaster ride of dramatic situations, eventually things behind the scenes would contort to accommodate the direction that the shop was going in and, as it turned out, Vinnie didn’t see that direction as one that would allow him to grow in the way that he saw fit so after five years of work, in the year 2007, he would part ways with Orange County Choppers, causing quite the stir.

Now, a move like this is fairly mundane in real life, however, in the realm of reality television, it left fans wondering exactly what Vinnie would get into. Would he ever be able to get his own spinoff show? Would he end up working for another shop or create his own? Well, the video below takes the liberty of explaining exactly what happened to him after he departed from OCC as he would go on to create his own shop and faces measures of diversity that would try to hold him back. We all have our own challenges to cope with and Vinnie is no exception. Learn more about it below as he overcame it all and seems to be in a good spot.