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Vinnie From OCC Answers Everyone Questions… “Do I Still Work for Paul Jr Or OCC?”

Anybody who watched Discovery Channel’s American Chopper likely remembers Vinnie DiMartino. Vinnie was a longtime employee at Orange County Choppers and was often the driving force behind the builds being completed while Paul Sr and Paulie bickered back and forth about the things they so famously bickered about.

A skilled fabricator, craftsman and mechanic, Vinnie left the show in 2007 and embarked on his own journey, opening V Force Customs where he built some custom bikes of his own. However, as he points out during this 5 minute answer to the question “Do you still work for OCC or Paul Jr. Designs?”

Vinnie goes on to elaborate on where his journey has taken him. V Force Customs remained open until 2012. During those 5 years, Vinnie actually worked with Paul Jr. as an outside contractor, helping his former employer with some builds but remaining his own entity and not an employee of OCC. He worked with them in that capacity until 2012, when the last biker build off went down. After that, Vinnie closed the doors on V Force Customs.

The following year, Vinnie shifted gears and decided to sell all of his custom bike building equipment and follow his other passion of automotive repair. DiMartino purchased some shop equipment and opened DiMartino motorsports, an automotive and truck repair facility that he says has brought him nothing but happiness. He focuses on mechanic work of all kinds, including maintaining several large fleets, which surely keep him plenty busy.

You can see on the company website that Vinnie does a little bit of everything at DiMartino Motorsports, so anybody in the Rock Tavern, NY area in need of a reliable, trustworthy mechanic – who just happens to have a little fame in his past – consider giving Vinnie a call. Just don’t ask him to build you a custom bike, he states rather matter-of-factly that he’s not doing that right now. Maybe someday in the future, but for now he’s just doing what makes him happy!