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Vintage Snap-On Socket Set Restoration is Super Satisfying to Watch

When it comes to picking out tools, there is definitely a line to be drawn in the sand. On one side of that line, we find the tools that can be purchased on a budget. In a lot of situations, with the way that things are manufactured these days, perhaps these tools might be a very viable option. On the other side of side of that line, though, we find tools that are incredibly expensive. In this group, many are the choice of professionals. Perhaps, for someone who’s putting their tools through the wringer, it might be wise to spend more money upfront.

When it comes to expensive tools, the name that seems to be at the top of charts is Snap-On. When we see examples that are incredibly old, we can’t help but believe in the craftsmanship invested in the brand to produce longevity. After all, this particular example looks like it has been around for decades.

This time, we take a look at some vintage Snap-On tools that have seen some better days. It really looks like these tools have either been put to use hard or have been left out in the weather a little bit. When they were first produced, we’re sure they had a near mirror finish. However, after time has gotten the best of them, there is certainly a nice patina covering the set.

Following along with the video below, we check out a complete restoration of this quarter-inch ratchet set. From powder coating the box to stripping the grime off of the sockets, this restoration is simple yet effective. It’s incredibly satisfying to watch as something goes from grimy and neglected to a set that looks like new again! We think that even people who aren’t tool fanatics will find this one fun to watch.