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Viral Render Fuses Ford GT With a Mustang and it Looks Great!

Viral Render Fuses Ford GT With a Mustang and it Looks Great!

In this day and age, it almost seems like we’re in a golden era of motoring. Not only are cars as well built and powerful as ever, we’re also getting to see nameplates like the Ford GT and Toyota Supra coming back to life. There’s certainly a lot to love in the world of wheels as it sits. As is human nature, though, we’re simultaneously on the lookout for the next best thing.

When we combine this lookout for what’s next with a little bit of creativity, things can really begin to get interesting. Throw some talent into the mix and it can get explosive!

This time, we see that concept come to life as Rostislav Prokop managed to fuse together something amazing. Most of the time, these renderings of fantasy machines are simply still images. With this one, though, we get to check out a 3D walkaround that shows off a dream machine from every angle.

Essentially, it looks like the thought started out with many characteristics from the Ford GT. The supercar was reintroduced a couple of years back and was met with widespread praise. Some might’ve had something to say about its power source, that’s a topic for another time, though. As far as design, it’s certainly a place that we could see sparking some inspiration.

With the impressive body lines of the GT, we find what looks like a widened stance. From there, the Mustang inspiration comes into play. This includes the aggressive grille and headlight combination. Outback, we find more Mustang inspiration with the taillights that really tie it all together.

By following along with the video below, we get to see the full picture. What do you think of this rendering? How many custom touches can you find that really make this thing pop off of the screen?


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