fb-pixel Viral Video of Nissan Getting Stuck in Drive-Through Redwood Tree
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Viral Video of Nissan Getting Stuck in Drive-Through Redwood Tree

Certainly, our country’s rich history and breathtaking sights make it truly worthwhile to embark on a road trip and explore the beauty of America. One of the remarkable natural wonders includes the colossal redwood trees found on the west coast. These towering giants, with mature specimens reaching heights of 200 to 240 feet and base diameters of 10 to 15 feet, are a testament to the grandeur of nature and truly a sight to behold.

In the city of Eureka, California, an unusual attraction allows motorists the unique opportunity to drive through not just one but three of these massive Redwoods. Privately owned, these trees welcome visitors and their cars for a nominal fee, as stated by Visitredwoods

While the idea of navigating through the hollow trunks of these majestic trees may sound enticing, it appears that the evolving landscape of the American car market may not be entirely conducive to such ventures. As cars continue to grow in size, the openings in the trunks of these colossal giants may no longer accommodate certain vehicles.

In a recent clip, an individual in an SUV attempts this touristy adventure, seeking a thrill by driving through one of these monumental trees. However, the excitement takes a swift turn to dismay as the driver, amid the tight squeeze, experiences an unfortunate collision. Identifying blame proves challenging, but what is clear is that the Nissan involved suffered damage during this attempted journey.

This incident raises the question of whether it is advisable to attempt such an attraction with a vehicle of a particular size or lacking certain driving capabilities. While these natural wonders are undoubtedly alluring for drivers, it’s crucial to exercise caution and consider both the environment and the vehicle’s dimensions. This approach helps avoid unexpected mishaps and preserves the integrity of both the trees and the vehicles that traverse them.