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Volkswagen Golf V10 Bi-Turbo ”GoGi” with An RS6 V10 Engine! 0-200+ mph!

One of the most exciting things about putting together a vehicle is that you can craft it in any which way that you want. There is no one way to go about making your ideal version of a car and this time, we check out something a little bit different as someone has taken a Volkswagen Golf and stuffed it full with a V10 Bi-Turbo Audi RS6 engine. When all is said and done, the lightweight platform ends up being quite the performer as, when the driver steps on the throttle, this thing really appears to get up and go!

All in all, as the driver pins the throttle, the machine rockets its way up to north of 200 mph! I don’t care what you’re driving, that’s definitely an impressive feat to reach. When you consider the fact that this is all being done in a Golf, well, I think that this kind of takes the textbook factors for what one would consider to be a sleeper and stuffs them all into one package that would probably end up going out there and surprising more than its fair share of opponents should the car get tangled up in any sort of racing action which I’m sure the owner will find his way to.

Follow along in the video below that takes you along for a ride with this stellar swap candidate and be sure to tell us what you think of how this rowdy set of wheels takes off and drives its way into the distance with the help of Audi power. You had better hold on because this thing is bound to throw you back in your seat once the driver smashes that throttle and sends that engine revving to the moon to get the car moving in the quickest way that it knows how.