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Volvo X Roasting some 315’s at Gas Monkey Live

Volvo X Roasting some 315’s at Gas Monkey Live

Burnouts are in the repertoire of any well-versed car guy who gets behind the wheel of any type of powerful machine, and this time we see a burnout out of something a bit different.

This Volvo X spotted at Gas Monkey Live isn’t your everyday sports car, but that’s part of what makes it so darn cool as it roars to live and obliterates some 315 tires!

This thing is a one of a kind monster as it turns rubber to smoke in this epic smoke show that shows off exactly what it could do on the skid pad!

Check out the video below as the guys turn it up to have a great time at Gas Monkey Live! What do you think of this wild smoke show?

Watch below as the Frankenstein Ford rips some donuts.



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