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VW Bug fifth wheel trailer found, forgotten Volkswagen Camper 1 of a kind VW trailer

Even if you aren’t a fan of Volkswagen enthusiast culture, many people have stumbled across the video of the Volkswagen with a fifth wheel mounted on top, designed for a camper trailer to be towed behind the small car.

While it might have seemed like an awesome accessory from the video, the trailer design by International Travel Trailer Inc. never really saw the light of day in a mass production capacity and therefore has become the apple of many Volkswagen enthusiasts eyes. So many would consider this to be the holy grail of accessories to wow all of their VW wielding friends.

It must have been a major treat for this enthusiast in the video when he finally managed to stumble upon the gold mine of old-school Volkswagen accessories in an abandoned scrap yard, so after some detective work to figure out who owned the piece of land, he would chase down the trailer for his personal collection.

Check out the video below that shows off what might be the only version of this trailer in existence today and it’s here in the flesh. The idea at hand for the new owner of the trailer is to put it through the full restoration process to bring it back to its former glory. We aren’t necessarily sure how much something like this would bring in today’s market, but you can bet your bottom dollar that you won’t see many like it if any at all. This is one rare piece of equipment!


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