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Wagler Diesel’s Monster Shop Truck Hammers Down and Sprays Flames

There aren’t too many trucks out there that can kick ass on the drag strip and dominate the dirt of the pull track, but Wagler Diesel Performance has built one that checks both of those boxes and puts on a hell of a show for the fans in the stands.

With all the power adders, and we do mean that literally, the Duramax engine in this truck is making somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,500 horsepower and likely putting down even more torque. And when we said all of the power adders, we meant it. Not only does this truck feature a massive blower on top and twin turbos attached to the exhaust, it has a healthy nitrous kit too, resulting in nearly uncontrollable horsepower levels and an INSANE flame show when the throttle is slammed wide open!

Just watch as the truck belches out massive flames reminiscent of a top fueler lighting up the sky. The flames are most likely a byproduct of having some 140 pounds of boost crammed into the engine while using nitrous to add even more power into the mix. We can’t imagine what kind of stress these power adders put on the bottom end of this engine, but we dang sure enjoy watching it in action!

If we understand correctly, this truck can be converted back to drag strip duty as well, which means this monster could be ripping up the asphalt on the 1320 one day and slinging dirt and yanking the sled down the pulling course that night. We have to say this thing is pretty gnarly to see in action with smoke and flames and loud noises and the wheels high in the sky! Wagler has built one beast of a pickup and we can’t wait to see more of this thing in action!