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Wakeboarding Done Right! Guy Uses Woman As Tow Strap!

It’s pretty wild how, with the Internet watching, people will do all kinds of things in order to achieve a viral moment in the spotlight. This might not be the wildest instance but it’s definitely one situation that we saw that is more than worth sharing as it might give you a situation that can give you a little bit of a laugh today or perhaps, and we’re not necessarily condoning this, but it might generate ideas for how exactly you might want to spend your next day on the lake. It looks like these two definitely have a system down that works for them and it’s something that can really bring a smile to your face on this Monday afternoon.

It appears as if what we have here is nothing more than a somewhat traditional waterskiing set up with one slight twist. Normally, obviously, you have your tow rope that is designed to haul the skier along as they go for their joyride. However, this time, it looks like a young lady volunteered her services in order to help this rider make his way through the wake. As she hangs onto the side of the boat, the rider in question hangs onto her feet and the rest is history. This is really a story that these folks are going to tell over never again to their friends as they show off a video that accompanies it.

If you follow alone down in the video below, you’ll be able to catch the moment as it unfolds. With the power of the web to bring all kind of videos like these together, you really never know what you’re going to catch next as people really break out the creativity and try out these kinds of things that will boggle the mind and this definitely being one of them. Seriously, though, where do they come up with this stuff?

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