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Warehouse Fire Destroys Priceless Classics and Exotic Cars

A massive fire broke out last week in the borough of Etna in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The material loss hit quite close to home for us. The warehouse effected was home to both repair and storage facilities, some of which housed irreplaceable automobiles.

Sometimes, we begin to start our journey for the day and realize that it isn’t going to pan out in our favor. For a collection of business owners and one building owner, last week, they had what is probably going to be their worst day for the foreseeable future. A fire would begin to spread in the sizable warehouse. Before we know it, it would end up taking out millions of dollars in inventory. A big chunk of the loss was in exotic and collectible cars. However, multiple businesses were affected by the fire.

There have been all kinds of numbers flying around about the matter. Via The Drivewe learn that “Hundreds of rare and exotic cars estimated to be worth an estimated $60 million have been claimed by a warehouse fire Wednesday afternoon just minutes outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.”

The building owner seemed a little bit more optimistic about what happened. In a news report, he cited that only 75 vehicles were lost in the fire. No matter what wait we slice it, though, it’s still a massive loss. Believed to be included in the fire were all sorts of different high-end nameplates. Bentley, Ferrari, and Porsche just name a few. Perhaps one of the most prominent vehicles being stored in the facility was a Bugatti race car from the 20s. The car is said to have an estimated worth north of $2 million.

Reports say that people inside the building say they didn’t hear an alarm or see sprinklers. Questions have been raised about the adequacy of the fire control system. It’s said that the system is still being looked into. Even though there is still great loss, there’s a glimmer of hope. The building’s owner claims that he has insurance on the building. He also tells us that renters are required to carry insurance as well. We’re sure that some of the vehicles inside were simply irreplaceable. However, hopefully, these policies will be able to step in and cover some of the monetary loss.