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Warning: Man Drowning in Haulover Inlet as Boats Struggle With Rough Conditions

In nautical inlets around the world, conditions can get pretty intense. With the mix of high waves and rushing currents, danger can be right underneath the boats that travel through the inlets. They can even create a strong undertow that can tend to want to suck people out to sea or underneath the surface of the water should individuals end up swimming.

In other words, not only can inlets be dangerous for boats but if you end up swimming in something like Haulover Inlet, you’d better hope that rescue is nearby. Long story short, it’s about the last place that you’re going to want to be.

However, every once in a while, for one reason or another, somebody might end up swimming in the dangerous conditions of Haulover. This time, we check in with an individual who seems to have fallen from the rocks onshore which has to be a terrifying situation for all involved.

After being dumped in the water, it’s immediately a competition to stay alive as all of the factors in play are moving against the individual that gets dumped in the drink. Not only does he have to worry about the rough conditions pulling him under or washing him out to sea, the swimming individual also has to worry about the traffic from all of the boats moving through the inlet and being hit.

This time, though, the boat traffic ended up playing to the man’s favor. In the video below from Wavy Boats, we watch as he ends up going in the drink but shortly after, a good Samaritan ends up stopping by to lend a hand. Thankfully, this boat was in the right place at the right time in order to lend a bit of help. Otherwise, who knows where this man would’ve ended up?


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