Washing a Million-Dollar Barn Find For the First Time in 32 Years

In all corners of the world, there are classic cars sitting and waiting for some ...

In all corners of the world, there are classic cars sitting and waiting for some love. When this “barn finds” are discovered, they really have something special to offer. Sure, finding the car itself is intriguing, to say the least. However, what might even be more intriguing is the potential for a story behind the machine. After all, some of these cars can be worth a lot of money. It leads us to wonder exactly what happened to have them left behind.

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This time, we check out one of the most spectacular barn finds that we’ve ever laid eyes on. This find consists of several separate buildings, each of which containing at least hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cars, if not more. The collection is easily worth seven figures and probably travels well into that territory.

Naturally, one of the first things that we think of only think of with such a find is just how these cars are going to be brought back to life. In most situations, we don’t actually get to see that come to life. Instead, we appreciate the machine before leaving it where it was. This time, however, we check out a little bit of a different plot as it unfolds.

For those familiar with the AMMO NYC YouTube channel, this guy is about as good as it gets when it comes to detailing. His projects are able to take cars that have seen better days and make them look like showroom contenders.

This time, as you probably guessed by now, AMMO is heading into the barn find with his tools of the trade. Without even removing the car from its long time storage place, he uses some unique tricks to begin to bring a machine to life once again. It’s crazy how he’s able to carefully revive this beauty without even accessing a hose!

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