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Watch AZN Drop The Hammer While Aaron Drifts Down The Drag Strip

If you talk to somebody who isn’t too familiar with drag racing, they might think that being a success in the sport is as simple as throwing together a laundry list of parts, heading out to your local track, and pushing the long, skinny pedal to the floor while holding the wheel straight.

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Photo Credit – Discovery

If you’ve ever even so much as dabbled in this world, you know that that’s simply not the case. There are so many factors involved in getting a car ready to outdo the competition and you have to be proficient across a variety of different metrics in order to take home victory. Even the most well-versed drag racers spend countless test sessions making sure that their combination works properly.

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This time, we see exactly how difficult it can be as automotive mastermind, Aaron Kaufman, takes his LS-powered BMW out to the strip during the drag racing portion of the Mega Race with Team FnA’s Farmbird. Basically, it looks like the BMW looks more ready to drift than it is to drag race. In such a crunch, building a competitive drag machine can be difficult but it looks like Aaron definitely gets that as he ends up taking it all in stride and happily congratulating Farmtruck and AZN on their victory.

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Check out the video below that shows you what exactly happened on this portion of the Mega Race that had Farmbird getting that advantage off of the line and never looking back as it kept that lead all the way through the finish line to take victory in this leg of the competition. Lots of times, the first 60-feet of a drag race is the most difficult to get down and also the most important. In this case, Farmbird nailed it!