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Watch: Huge Ammunition Depot Fire Has Set Off a Series of Evacuation-Worthy Explosions

Sometimes, in life, big time bloopers happen that really make you wonder exactly how it all went down and lots of the time, it’s simply beyond explanation and all that’s left to do is to try and pick up the pieces and start repairing the carnage that has fallen in the wake of such an event. This time, we check out a rather large explosion that had triggered other explosions and is being attributed to nothing more than “external factors.” We aren’t exactly sure what that means and I’m not even sure that the person who issued the statement really knows what it means but the repercussions behind the matter are still the same.

It all happened in Ukraine as an ammunition factory would go up in flames, sending all kinds of ammo firing in all different directions which would then trigger other ammunition to be set off and as you can see, this would cause quite a chain reaction that would end up with an incredible disaster. From reports, we have learned only one person was injured in the incident but following that, we would also hear that nearby areas were to be evacuated so that the people surrounding the ammunition depot would be able to get out of harm’s way.

Follow along in the video below that showcases the explosion as it happened. I would venture to think that all of the people surrounding this area had to be quite shocked when they saw the sky as it would end up exploding with ammunition. Hopefully, no further damage was done than the one injury reported and hopefully, that person would end up being alright. I guess that now, it might be time to dig a little bit deeper to find the root of this issue to make sure that it doesn’t happen again because, let’s face it, nobody wants an ammunition factory exploding in their backyard.