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Watch Mike Murillo’s Catastrophic Fire From His In-Car POV

One of the wildest things about drag racing is at one truly never knows what’s going to happen on any given pass. One moment, everything can be going fine and the next, all mayhem can be unleashed. It’s the nature of the beast as there are so many parts moving and just one thing falling out of line could end up spelling out disaster.

Unfortunately, this past weekend at No Prep Kings Ohio, that would be the case as Mike Murillo Racing would be left to pick up the pieces. We can’t say for sure how the fire started but a video circulated on social media showing the Ford Mustang going up in flames.

The most important part is that Murillo is ok. He took to Facebook when he finally got a moment to stop and take a breath. Part of the post reads “Everything and everyone in your life happens for a reason. I’m ok physically for the most part and that is truly what counts but we shall discuss the content of these pictures and what we are going to do about it after some much-needed rest. Thank you for all the outreach from everyone and y’all truly make us feel loved.”

Murillo has proven to be resilient in the past and will continue to do so when facing this particular predicament. On the Mike Murillo Racing Facebook page, an announcement was made that we can count on the team to be at the remaining events for the rest of the No Prep Kings season.

This time, we check in with the incident from another perspective – the driver’s seat. While it’s impossible to truly understand what that driver is going for when the car around him is going up in flames, this video gives us a new POV to get one step closer to understanding.


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