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DEA Seizing Exotic Sports Cars Worth Millions

When the police caught up with a group of drug dealers selling pills, the feds got their fingers on every last one of the drug dealers’ cars. Even though these guys are criminals and should be punished, we most definitely can appreciate their taste in cars. As the video kept on rolling, the collection kept flowing as impressive rides that would be a great addition to any collection (and probably soon will be) oozed from every pore of this garage, completely overflowing the street with millions of dollars of automobiles. The neighbors had to wonder what was going on when they looked outside and saw what looked like a car show happening right there in the street!

All of the rides from American muscle to show cars to high dollar exotics were all hauled away and accompanied by $22 million in cash that was also seized. Talk about yanking the rug out from under someone! I guess that if you’re able to build up that kind of fortune on something illegal, you’d better be ready to pay for what’s coming on the other end once you get caught up in doing something that’s not right in the eyes of the law!

Check out the video below to witness all of the cars that were seized. This collection is huge and almost reminds us of something that you’d see in the movies! After checking out the collection for yourself, be sure to tell us which piece of this choice of cars you’d take home when they all hit the auction block. It’s a shame that someone had to build their wealth like this because if they put all of that effort toward making an honest living, who knows, they might be able to keep their car collection without the government swooping in and taking it all!


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