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Watching Underwater Explosions at 120,000fps is Mesmerizing!

There are very few things cooler than watching ANYTHING in super slow motion. Thanks to YouTubers The SlowMo Guys, we get to watch all kinds of otherwise mundane events recorded at ultra-high frame rates, then played back where we can see the action in all of its super-slow glory.

In this video, the guys are lighting small firecrackers and dropping them into their trusty aquarium and recording what looks to be an insignificant explosion. However, upon reviewing the footage, we see just what goes on under the water, and it is absolutely mesmerizing. I could watch this footage over and over!

The firecrackers actually produce a bubble when they explode, which is then compressed back into itself by the pressure of the water surrounding the firecracker. They also video the water surface during and explosion and it produces some of the most insane water formations you have ever seen! These guys really know what makes for good viewing on the internet, as their channel is full of other high-speed footage that you can easily spend hours watching!