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Water Displacement from Ship Causing Damage in Neighborhood Canal

For most, living by the water would be a dream and even though it does have its benefits, there are also definitely other things that you need to consider should you be thinking about taking up residence in a house by the canal. This man seems to be running into some trouble with his waterside residence.

Instead of a quiet and serene scene as ships pass by nearby, the creek that sits nearby here causes these residents a little bit of an issue as the passing ships suck all of the water out as they go by and once they’re gone, it all comes flowing back with a vengeance, causing lots of damage and erosion with its wake.

Check out the video below that shows us the scene and be sure to tell us what you think of this watery mayhem. It might not be long before these people are seeing some real issues from the massive ships passing by. It would be interesting to see what this space looks like a couple of years from now!


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