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WD-40 Cologne is a Real Thing but be Ready to Break Out the Benjamins

Have you ever been getting ready for a big night on the town and gone to your cologne collection and thought you were missing something? Perhaps you thought to yourself “Hmm, I would love to smell like some WD-40 right now.”

Oh. That never happened to you, either?

Well, apparently, the idea has taken social media by storm as oddity company, MSCHF, has decided to supply a cologne that smells exactly like that familiar penetrating oil. Even crazier is that the limited drop style release that the company has been known for has completely sold out when it comes to this particular item.

Reviews across social media have sprung up as people have been curious to hear exactly what this stuff smells like.

From what pretty much every review leads us to believe, the secret sauce does smell pretty similar to real WD-40. We would presume that the alcohol-based cologne, though, wouldn’t leave behind any sort of stain or residue like we’re sure the real thing would.

If you’re wondering how to get a bottle of this stuff for yourself, it has popped up on secondhand sites like eBay. However, with bids going as high as $167 you’re going to have to pay up for this ridiculous viral fragrance. Honestly, outside of the gimmick, we’re going to have to say that if you actually want to smell like a garage, maybe you should just spend some time in one. We’ve had crazier ideas, after all.

Below, we check in with a review from FragranceKnowledge who takes on the new cologne, giving us an idea of what exactly one is signing up for if they buy a bottle of this stuff. Our host does confirm, again, that it does smell like the original penetrating oil but might be a little bit sweeter to be a touch more palatable.

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