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We Have Found The Unluckiest Pit Crew in The World, Modern Day Three Stooges!

Sometimes, as fate would have it, you just simply have an off day. Even when you’re used to doing something with lots of repetition in your schedule, there can be days where things just don’t happen to work out for you. It might just so happen where it gets to the point where an entire chain reaction unfolds as well, making one event lead to another and before you know it, there’s just one giant mess sitting in your lap that you’re left to deal with, wishing that maybe you hadn’t gotten out of bed in the morning and instead decided to hit the snooze button on alarm clock a couple of more times.

In this one, we catch up with a group of people who just so happen to have an incredibly difficult job of being a pit crew for a racing team. However, instead of finishing off their responsibilities with a coat of professionalism and just the right touch, these folks seem to not really have their stuff together as they look to have an equipment malfunction that causes one catastrophe after another, creating that domino effect that we previously mentioned. I’m sure that it was a real downer at the time but at this point, they’re probably able to look back on it all and laugh just like we are.

If you follow along in the video below, it almost looks like a sitcom is unfolding right in front of your eyes as the filler neck on a gasoline canister seems to have broken off, making the gas spill everywhere and when someone comes in to try and help out with the situation, they end up running straight into that massive puddle left behind by the leaking gas can, sliding on the floor and creating a sort of Three Stooges effect. I think that, in a situation like this, all that you can do is write it off and try to start over again tomorrow with a fresh slate.

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