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Mustang Week Movie Trailer – Have They Gone too Far!?

We will be the first to admit that we hate it when one group of enthusiasts gets singled out and picked on. Every group has its bad apples, but for the most part, we think that most car circles are good.

However, we would be completely lying to your face if we told you that the recent movement of Mustang crash memes all over the pages of the web didn’t have us dying with laughter.

Well, the guys at DriverModTV decided to take the memes to the next level and create a video based off of the Mayan Calendar/end of the world flick, 2012.

This video is flooded with the Ford Mustang mishaps that we’ve all seen floating around the pages of the web then some! All we want to know is when the feature film is coming out.

Don’t worry Mustang guys, we know you’re getting some bad press this year, but we’re sure it’ll all come around full circle if you can manage to keep it between the lines at Mustang Week this year.