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We’re Giving Away ANOTHER CTS-V, it’s Whipple Supercharged Making 900 Horsepower!

When picking out a car, we obviously have a list of priorities that is going to differ from person to person.

Some like raw power in their machine of choice. These folks might look toward the world of muscle cars to get their fix of adrenaline. Others might prefer a little bit of a smoother and more refined ride. For this, we find the luxury segment that offers up some pretty insane vehicles to choose from.

However, for those who would like to mix the two of these concepts together, there’s one offering that we would consider a runaway favorite. We have to say that one of our favorites and quite frankly, one of yours, has been the Cadillac CTS-V. Speed Society absolutely loved the last V that we gave away so we decided to do another.

Similar to the last car, this one is getting spiced up a little bit by our friends over at Vengeance Racing. If there’s a group of guys who really knows how to lay a special touch on General Motors performance vehicles, look no further than Vengeance. They’re breaking out that magical formula yet again for the V3 that’s the most recent addition to our giveaway collection.

While the car itself was quite a beast from the factory, we haven’t really gotten in the habit of giving away factory stock cars. Even back when we gave away the C8 Corvette, the brand new car wasn’t even stock. That’s right, before a lot of people could even figure out a way to get their hands on one, we were modifying it and giving ours away.

Below, we take you along for the ride in the first step of the build that supports our latest giveaway. With a little bit of Whipple Supercharger action, this monster is really going to get the ponies flowing. At the end of the day, there aren’t really too many platforms where one could expect 900 hp in a vehicle that is simultaneously the pinnacle of luxury. Visit Vengeance Racing for your upgrade need!