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We’re Not Sure Who Thought This Was A Good Idea, But Towing A Motorcycle Behind An SUV Sounds Like A Bad Time

I grew up with a bunch of young daredevils across the street, so I’ve seen plenty of “good ideas” that turned out to be really bad ideas in the end. It’s a wonder one of us wasn’t badly injured while we were jumping mini bikes and playing “tag” on quads in the pastures and woods of eastern Limestone County in North Alabama.

None of our ideas were this bad, though.

I can’t imagine who decided that towing a motorcycle would be a good idea, but they clearly didn’t think it through. I could see this being a feasible way to get a bike to the closest gas station if it had run out of gas, or to a shop if there was something amiss and it wouldn’t crank and run. What I can’t wrap my head around is why the guy on the bike didn’t stay directly behind the Ford Explorer tasked with towing it.

Instead of following in line and keeping the tow rope pulling the bike forward, the guy on the bike tries to pull out to into the left lane, similar to what you see skiers and wakeboarders doing when they cross back and forth behind a boat. The difference here is that boats create a turbulent wake that would make it hard for skiers to stay up, and skiers have to swing back and forth like that to build speed for jumping off the wake itself.

When the bike swings out to the left, the rope goes slack for just a split second, and as soon as that slack is pulled tight, it yanks the front of the bike to the right, too quickly for the rider to catch it, and down he goes. Not only does this send the bike skidding down the asphalt, grinding the paint and chrome against the ground, but it leaves the rider laying precariously in the middle of oncoming traffic.

Luckily, the drive approaching in the opposite direction sees the incident unfold and slows down and pulls off onto the shoulder, avoiding making a bad situation much worse. Hopefully these guys learned a lot of what not to do after this incident.


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Posted by Joey Gauthreaux on Saturday, January 5, 2019

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