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We’ve Found The First DEAD Dodge Demon? Engine KNOCKING!

Dodge’s straight-line gunslinger, the Demon, shook the automotive industry from top to bottom when it was revealed earlier this year. Built from the ground up with quarter-mile performance in mind, the Hemi-powered hauler likely gave birth to a whole new niche of sports car, assuming Chevy and Ford follow suit with streetable factory drag cars of their own.

When a car is geared for performance, the components often walk a fine line between life and death, and back-to-back highway pulls just might be enough to push them over the edge, which seems to be the case in the video below. This Demon make a 160 MPH pull, follows that up with a 50-150 pull, then a quick 35 MPH kick. The next scene is our camera looking on from another ride and we hear the dreaded knock coming from the Silver Demon.

Instead of taking it home or dropping it off at the dealership, the guy behind the wheel of the Demon decides to rev it a few times and even lay down couple of smoky burnouts, disregarding the obvious damage to the engine. We just hope this is an isolated incident and not an indicator of the durability of the Demon’s powertrain.

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