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What a Difference One Part Makes! Coilover Setup Meets GT-R and it’s Pure Magic!

When we think about cars and modifying them, the first thing that comes to a lot of people’s minds would be power. It’s only natural and making more power is most certainly a valid way to have more fun with a car. However, just making a ton of horsepower isn’t the only factor when it comes to the perfect machine.

Instead, things like suspension come into the mix as well. At the end of the day, you could probably get away with the stock suspension in a lot of cases but modifying and upgrading the suspension makes the finished product all that much better. It really allows for an unparallelled level of control over the machine that a stock suspension just can’t provide in most cases. This time, we’re here to show you exactly how that can really come to life.

The modification in question this time comes from our friends over at KW. In this episode, Mike “The Wrench” is the leader of the journey as he takes us through what it means to install a new set of coilovers. More specifically, KW V3 Coilovers are going on the 850 hp monster of a Nissan GT-R that is the upcoming Speed Society giveaway machine.

By following along with the video below, we are given the inside scoop on what exactly it means to install these bad boys on a GT-R. In addition, Mike gives us an idea of what exactly the benefit is of having these parts become an element of the equation. No car is complete until every aspect is dialed in just right and that definitely means touching up that suspension to make sure that the machine performs exactly as you want it to.

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