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What Does The Extra $35,000 Get You Between Ram Rebel And TRX

When a high dollar machine comes out in the performance community, we can’t help but ask a couple of questions. Is this a machine that’s going to be worth the money? At the end of the day, the Ram TRX comes in with an asking price of $91,500. While it’s certainly an exciting truck and definitely one with a lot of technology packed in, we can’t help but wonder if the juice is worth the squeeze.

In order to really dig into that question, the guys over at The Fast Lane take us for a ride with a little bit of a comparison. In this one, in one corner, we have the Ram TRX boasting the 702 hp that everybody is super excited to see hit the streets. In the other corner, we have the machine that is certainly no slouch itself in the Ram Rebel. The Rebel might not bring along all of the features of the TRX but it also lacks about $35,000 in the asking price department as well.

So, when we really get to the bottom of this, how much of the value in the TRX is because of the equipment on board, and how much is the asking price boosted by the hype and reputation that the vehicle is already built for itself? Could it be reasonable to think that somebody could buy a Ram Rebel and modify it for cheaper than the TRX to get it to the point where the TRX is? All of that and more is up for discussion and the folks over at The Fast Lane bring us all of the information that we need if we were in this position to make such a decision.

After checking this one out, which truck do you think is more worth the money that they’re asking for it? Could a pickup truck like the TRX be worth $91,000 or is Ram just cashing in on the hype that they’ve built?=


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