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What Exactly Happens When you Drive a Pro Mod in the Sand?

If you head out to the race track to an event that doesn’t necessarily incorporate street-worthy cars and is all about the machines that are purpose-built for racing in a straight line on the strip as fast as possible, your mind might wander to wonder exactly if you could use this type of car in some other sort of fashion. For example, how hard would it be to take a dedicated drag strip machine and turn it into something that would be able to tackle another sort of racing entirely? Well, in this one, we take on just that question head on.

In this one, we check out quite the story as the sponsor of a dedicated Pro Mod racing machine eventually ended up taking ownership of the car. It’s at that point that the new owner decided that he wanted to do something a little bit different with the car as to draw some eyes to his business. Instead of simply keeping it on the strip and taking on the challenge in asphalt racing, he would get a spoon full of another format of racing entirely, taking the vehicle to the sand to see just how this thing would hold up in a sand drag application and how difficult it would be to transform the car for its new responsibility.

It’s pretty interesting to see, down in the video below, as the car makes a complete 360, all without making all that many major changes. Watching this thing go from the drag strip to the sand drags is pretty impressive to watch and seeing how it performs is even more interesting as it really had us on edge to see if the car would be a complete flop or actually be able to hold its own out there on the newfound racing surface.