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What Happened to Christie Brimberry From Gas Monkey?!

What Happened to Christie Brimberry From Fast N’ Loud?!

The Fast N’ Loud series documented Richard Rawlings’ team building hot rods and muscle cars, featuring Christie Brimberry in 55 of 100 episodes. Brimberry managed Gas Monkey Garage’s office, handling accounts and aiding Rawlings in business growth.

Post-show, Brimberry remains visible, having overcome Rawlings’ challenging personality and battling cancer. She claims to be in the best shape of her life.

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A former Gas Monkey cast member, Brimberry served as Office Manager, overseeing accounts and project scheduling. Her responsibilities included purchasing car parts, making sales, and managing staff.

In a 2013 interview on Gas Monkey Garage’s YouTube channel, Brimberry revealed her entry into the garage world. Recruited by Rawlings due to her husband’s connection, she assisted in sourcing parts for projects.

Brimberry also shared challenges like dealing with a hyperactive team member, Tom. Her tattoos, like Rawlings’, became iconic symbols of Gas Monkey Garage.

After the show left Discovery Channel, Gas Monkey Garage shifted to YouTube, downsizing its staff. Rawlings takes pride in the team’s productivity without producer assistance.

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Rawlings’ impressive car collection contrasts with Brimberry’s more modest one, including a modified Jeep Wrangler customized by Collins Bros Jeep.

Brimberry, unlike stars of older motor shows, embraces a quieter life in Texas. Her social media highlights family achievements, although she faces challenges from fake accounts.

In 2021, celebrating five years cancer-free, Brimberry faced a personal media leak but successfully addressed the privacy breach. Recently, she has exhibited renewed confidence post-cancer battle.

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