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What happens if you put your car in Reverse while driving?

We’ve all heard the old saying that “curiosity kills the cat” and trying out experiments like these might just make a scary expression like that come to life. In an experiment like this, to someone who hasn’t had proper educating, this is practically like playing with fire!

Sure, we’re sure that our host in this little showcase went out and did his research before putting together a video like this but our minds almost naturally wander straight to a worst case scenario that could happen if certain factors were to go wrong.

In this scenario, we get a front row seat as a ready and rolling driver heads out to the highway and puts his car under some acceleration before throwing it into reverse to see what happens. Now, this one might be fun to watch but if you have any inclination of trying it out for yourself, especially if you have an older car that has safety features that might not be working any longer, we really wouldn’t recommend trying it out.

However, if you want to see what happened in this handy little experiment, you can check out the action down in the video below to see the results.