What Happens When You Combine a Bronco and a Raptor?

Ford’s Raptor F150 has taken the performance pickup world by storm since it’s release ...

Ford’s Raptor F150 has taken the performance pickup world by storm since it’s release back in 2010. Originally released with a 310 horsepower 5.4 liter V8, the Raptor was upgraded to the 411 horsepower 6.2 liter engine a couple of years into the truck’s production run. That was around the time the guys at Tumblin Auto decided to meld Ford’s new offroad powerhouse with an iconic model from the brand’s storied past: The Bronco. Hopefully we won’t see this one running from the cops now that a particular former football player is set to be released from prison soon, if you catch our drift.

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Dropping the Raptor’s highly-capable suspension under the ageless Bronco body resulted in a great looking setup and an unfortunate miss on a great name. Why they don’t call it the Braaaptor, we’ll never know, but regardless, it’s one cool ride that we’d love to spend some time with in the mud. This video shows the shop guys taking the Raptor Bronco out to trails to test the suspension in one nasty looking series of flexibility tests. They’ve already trimmed the fenders but still have some minor clearance issues, though it’s hardly anything that will cause major issues.

You can see the awesome suspension working overtime to keep the tires on the ground, and it does so quite well. The short wheelbase of the Bronco made it a favorite among off-roaders back in the 90’s, and now with the Raptor’s world-class shocks putting in work, it’s an insanely stable and well-behaved trail ride. The only thing left to do now is trim a tad more off the fenders, maybe install a nice throaty exhaust, and bump the power a little to have a truly badass ride. Maybe they will remake another Bronco with the new turbocharged EcoBoost Raptor engine and see how they two compare side-by-side?


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