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What Happens When You Put Gas in Diesel

Diesel and gas don’t play nice together, and putting gas in your diesel tank – it’s nearly impossible to do the opposite thanks to larger nozzles on diesel pumps – can cause some major problems.

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This YouTuber decided to just so how much difference is made when you add a little gasoline to a tank of diesel, which his friend accidentally did. As you will see in the footage, it does change things up a bit, most notably in how easily the gasoline ignites compared to diesel, which is harder to ignite in open air than gas.

There’s also a difference in the lubricity, which is the product of lubricant added to diesel fuel to keep the fuel system in good working order, that could cause some issues with the components failing prematurely, but the friend reported no major issues with his diesel burner that he added a splash of gasoline to.