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What Happens When You Slap Nitrous on a Turbo Yamaha Jet Ski?

As someone who was brought up in the age of some pretty basic jet skis where you would just smash the throttle and go, I could say that today, they have some incredibly tricky things happening with these personal watercraft these days.

Straight out of the box, the machines, that have now achieved a pretty premium price tag, have managed to find a way to integrate turbochargerssuspensions, and even brakes into the mix, allowing riders to have the ultimate experience out there on the water. Whether you think that’s for better or worse would be up to the individual.

This time, though, we get the opportunity to check out a ski that most certainly is an absolute freak of nature! Even with all of the features that might have come with this machine from the factory, I don’t think that anybody could have seen this one coming as someone got the bright idea to strap the ski up with an incredibly hefty shot of nitrous, taking the ski to the next level as it starts huffing the gas to make a little bit extra power. I have to say that the results of these modifications is incredibly fun to watch as the ski nearly picks its way up right out of the water as the guy behind the bars really lays into it and the ski absolutely screams.

Check out the video below that we really think that you will enjoy. There’s something about watching this ski rip across the water that is truly a pleasure to check out. There’s nothing like a good dose of horsepower, whether it be in the air, on land, or in the sea. This time, we just so happen to catch the watersports angle of things that really will take your breath away.