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What happens when you RUN OUT of GAS?

If you’ve ever been traveling down the road and your gas light lit up, indicating that you had better find a gas station soon or your needle showing how much you have left in the tank strayed closer to empty, you probably wondered what would happen if you let it get all the way to “E.”

This time, Rob Dahm heads out in his Cadillac CTS-V to see exactly what would happen in such a scenario. First and foremost, he wanted to see just how much longer he could drive a car past when the gas light came on and secondly, he was looking to test out what actually happens when the car eventually did run out of gas.

Basically, the test was simple and Rob would head out and wait for the gas light to come on and afterward, the wait was on as he would keep on driving until the car started to conk out, throwing him all kinds of issues and eventually stalling out after he had pulled to the side of the road.

It’s not something that I would recommend but you can check out the demonstration for yourself down in the video below to see what would happen should you actually get to this point in your newer fuel injected vehicle. Running out of gas is never fun so I’d avoid this situation like the plague!

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