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What Has Chip Foose Been Up To? Get a Tour of his Shop

When you think of some of the biggest and best automotive legends of all time, Chip Foose might be a name that comes to mind. He is truly the man, the myth, the legend of those who design some of the most insane cars that this world has ever seen and he has also collaborated with some of the other biggest builders in the industry to create pure magic on wheels.

We see a lot of Chip on television on shows like Overhaulin’, but this time, we get the chance to check out what it’s all like behind-the-scenes as he gives the rundown of the whole shop from top to bottom, showing us everything from the reception area that doubles as a retail store all the way down to some of the creations that he has been toying around on in the shop – even in their incomplete states, these rides are wild.

From the quick rundown’s of these cars, you know that Chip has been up to some impressive work as his track record has proven. No matter what kind of vehicles you enjoy, it’s hard to deny how jaw dropping each and every creation that comes from this guy’s mind really is. It’s really rare to come across a designer that most people can appreciate but if there was one guy who would be very likely to fall into that category, it would be Foose himself.

Check out the video below that will give you the quick and dirty of everything you ever wanted to know and more about what things look like behind-the-scenes with an automotive figurehead. Now that you have seen what one of the top names in the business is working with, I guess it’s time to set some goals and aspire to get to that level of awesome one day.

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