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What is The Best 4WD System Out There?

When your vehicle comes together and creates one cohesive picture that you’re able to drive down the road, there are a lot of systems in place that will make sure that the task at hand gets accomplished. While some of these systems might control a variety of different aspects of the car’s functions, others have one job and one job only. Even if the job is pretty extensive and complicated like trying to keep the vehicle moving in rough terrain, the merit of this system will be judged on that one and only task.

This time, Engineering Explained does their diligence to attempt to break down exactly how some of these four-wheel-drive systems work and what differentiates one from another. After all, each and every system definitely is not the same thing, even if their end goal is similar and the output has a similar appearance.

With a couple of vehicles that this particular demonstration brings up, we learn about how different portions of the system will lock or unlock when necessary and carry out the same task in a way that might be completely different, even if a task within a task is pretty simple or straightforward. Lots of moving parts bring the end goal into focus.

Engineering Explained probably is a lot better at describing this one to you, so we would highly recommend checking out the video down below as we hand over the spotlight to this display that really lays it all out and tells you about all of the integral parts of not getting stuck and then takes an additional step to trying to figure out what kind of four-wheel-drive system is the best one out there, at least when it comes to keeping you rolling and not getting stuck. That is, after all, the biggest goal of them all right before not breaking down.

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