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What is This Mustang Driver Trying To Do? Driving On The Rim!

Sometimes, you come across situations and simply just don’t make any sense. When you trying look at it from every angle, it just doesn’t seem to click in your head even when you try and look at it from a different perspective. Maybe there are some extenuating circumstances behind exactly why this otherwise good looking Ford Mustang is being put through these paces but the video here doesn’t really make much sense to us as the person behind the wheel simply pushes down the accelerator even though one of the front wheels doesn’t have a tire on it.

As you can imagine, pushing that gas pedal in with no tire on the rim is doing a good bit of damage to the front end of the Mustang. It’s really hard to watch as the car makes its way forward with the front dragging along the ground. You almost want to run out screaming at the person to stop moving the car to stop this madness. However, it looks like this person is truly determined to move that car forward and get it into the parking spot at all costs. I guess that since it’s not ours, we can’t really complain about the damage, either.

Follow along in the video below and try to figure out for yourself exactly what this driver is doing and what their end goal in the whole thing is. Heck, maybe this car is just junk for the people who are behind all of this and they don’t really care about doing damage in the long run. Be sure to check out the situation below for yourself and try to decipher this one from your point of view because, to us, it just doesn’t really seem to make too much sense no matter what way you slice it!