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What It Takes To Fly Goodyear’s Famous $21 Million Blimp

For many, when asked about the first thing that they would associate with the name “Goodyear,” there might be a couple of answers. Obviously, folks are going to think of the products of the company makes. After all, they are a well-established tire manufacturer. However, some might have their thoughts swayed toward the marketing efforts that Goodyear has put forth. It seems like there are multiple tire companies that have become synonymous with some sort of outrageous marketing gimmick. Goodyear literally has a big one. It’s been hanging over our heads for all this time!

Standing tall with its massive stature, the Goodyear blimp is a cornerstone of their marketing effort that has been around for years. It’s made its way from the skies to scaled-down toy versions and even other marketing materials that the brand uses. So, this begs the question, where did it come from? There are plenty of different details that go behind an effort like this. Seeing it floating in the air for all of these years might give rise to a question or two. After all, who really knows all that much about blimps? Apparently, there are a couple of folks who are experts in the matter.

By following along with the video below, we take a look inside of the $21 million flying billboards. From top to bottom, we get a rundown of just about everything that encompasses the Goodyear blimp. We even get the chance to chat with a pilot who explains how one manages to come up with this obscure job. After all, it’s not exactly like someone is able to go to blimp school with this sort of job in their sights. With a little bit of interest here, now even you have the opportunity to grab hold of the most obscure party trivia that anyone could hope to ever know.